Business Forum DEC 2016: International Market Securitisation

On the 9th of December 2016, GreenPro Capital had hosted a forum session in St Giles The Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event represented the Company’s second forum session with the objective to educate entrepreneurs about international market securitisation and strategies to embrace the upcoming challenges.

The forum began with Vincent Tan, Senior V.P. of GreenPro Capital, shared some of his insights about equity financing and market securitisation. Vincent mentioned SME’s should utilise the surrounding platform to even up their playing field with their competitor. Vincent continued to emphasise SME’s entrepreneurs need to change and adapt to the fast pace changing industry.

“In this day and age, business life cycle has shortened and business innovation is accelerating. Disruptive businesses would affect you one way or another. You either sink or swim. Businesses would need to learn and adapt to the new global environment by re-engineering their business model that seem fit and capitalise the opportunities presence within them,” said Vincent.

The session was later followed by Steven Yiap, Managing Director of GreenPro Wealthon, one of the subsidiaries of the GreenPro Capital. Steven began by sharing some current overview of banking industry such as loan application procedures for SMEs and the criteria to obtain debt financing for your business.

In his presentation, Steven also explained why some businesses were unable to acquire loans from banks despite having a solid financial record.

The third speaker of the event was Lee Chong Kuang (“CK”), Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of GreenPro Capital. During the session, CK shared some of his global insights and key trends, primarily about One Belt One Road (“OBOR”) initiative and how companies are taking advantage of the China’s government initiative. Lee continued by highlighting the importance of business entrepreneurs to re-strategise their business plan appropriately to capitalise on this opportunity.

“OBOR initiative is a key driver of Malaysia’s economic as it will create tremendous opportunities through industrial development that in return will create more employment opportunities not only for Malaysia but also for the Belt Road countries,” CK said.

Last but not least, the host invited a surprise guest speaker, Dato’ Sri How, President of Agape ATP Corporations to share his testimonial about GreenPro Capital. During the session, Dato’ had opened the floor for questions from curious participants. Among the question were “How GreenPro assisted you in elevating your business?” and “How long did you take to get listed on OTC Market with GreenPro assistance?”

The forum had brought together a number of intrigued entrepreneurs, business owners and investors from various business sectors.

Moving forward, the Company is targeting to host additional forum sessions for entrepreneurs on a monthly basis.

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