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About GreenPro Trust

GreenPro Trust Limited is an independent registered Trust company under Section 78(1) of the Hong Kong Trustee Ordinance Chapter 29, and a licensed Trust or Corporate Service Provider in Hong Kong under TCSP License No: TC000669.  It is part of the GreenPro Capital Group, (Nasdaq: GRNQ) and it specializes in providing professional and comprehensive international trust services to individuals and corporate clients.  

The company consists of professional Trust advisors who provide clients with professional trust schemes as well as the latest market information. The main service is to serve as Trustee for high-net-worth individuals, private family trusts, charitable funds, investment funds, pension funds and employee stock award programs. We are also classed as an “Institutional Professional Investor”s and this enables us to  provide wealth and asset management planning, access to institutional discounted investment platforms and act as escrow agents for business activities.

We believe that wealth accumulation, protection and succession is a long and challenging journey.  Our mission is to assist our clients to attain this through our experience and knowledge and by providing a complete implementation plan based on their particular needs.

What Do We Provide

Private and Family Trusts

We assist client to set up and manage their private trust for asset protection, asset allocation, succession planning, wealth protection and strategic tax planning for individuals and families.

Private Investment Company

We assist clients to set up and manage private investment company limiting the individual's personal as well as the individual’s corporate responsibility for the assets

Wills Execution and Estate Management

We ensure that the will of the settlor can be effectively implemented. We administer the estate to simplify and expedite the administration procedures of succession.

Escrow Agent Services

We are committed to provide client with suitable escrow agent services on a case-by-case basis to assist clients in facilitating various types of business transactions.



Legally select director or shareholder as nominee. Avoid disclosure of shareholders’ confidential assets by transferring personal assets to trust before a company going public


Provide services such as executor for all kinds of trusts or foundations set up according to personal needs, divide wealth succession in different stages to avoid misuse of wealth and family conflict.  Create a protective shield for family businesses from creditors’ claim or bankruptcy.


Establish structured asset protection to help beneficiary in wealth creation with professional wealth management.


Select authorized custodian during asset restructuring period.


Pursue cross-border investment and financing accounts through authorized custodian or guardian.  Legal pathway for cross-border investment fund.


Recognized asset holders or executives to perform asset transactions and safeguard the interests of the ultimate beneficiary.  Set up Escrow account.

Advantages of Setting Up Trust

Setting up and managing trust in a timely manner is an invaluable solution for wealth protection. Some of the advantages of a trust are as follows:

  • Confidentiality/Privacy: A trust is a private document and is highly confidential
  • Succession Planning/Distribution: The trust ensures wealth sustainability regardless of any outside factors. Simplifies legal process avoiding possible delays and expenses
  • Tax Optimization: Effective tax planning for the asset
  • Asset Allocation/Protection: Allows a diversified portfolio , able to access institutional funds and platforms not normally available to the public, along with protecting against external risks
  • Succession Planning: Personalized wealth succession plan according to the settlor with secure redistribution.
  • Adaptability: The trust can be adapted to its changing needs.

Management Team

GAW 34


Gilbert, a director of Greenpro Trust Limited is also a director and Chief Financial Officer for Greenpro Capital Corp. (Nasdaq: GRNQ), a company listed on the Nasdaq Exchange providing corporate advisory services including cross border listing services for clients from different countries.

Gilbert has extensive knowledge, experience and exposures in accounting, auditing, Hong Kong taxation, trust, corporate finance and wealth management since year 1981. He was trained and qualified with UHY (formerly known as Hacker Young), Chartered Accountants, one of the large accounting firms based in London, England between 1981 and 1988. His extensive financial and corporate experience including corporate listing for many companies has prompted him to specialize in corporate advisory, risk management, financial and & wealth management, asset protection to serve various clients coming from different parts of the world.

Gilbert is Fellow Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Member of the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia and a Chartered Wealth Manager. He is the founder member of Chartered Wealth Management in Hong Kong, and earned his MBA from the Bulacan State University, Philippines.


C.K Lee

CK is a qualified member of the ACCA and Malaysia Institute of Accountants. He also has a professional qualification from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and extended his professional services covering accounting, tax, corporate structuring planning with the special focus on cross-border client nature.

He also established the Cross-Border Business Association (CBBA) – a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) to provide information and professional advance in Cross-Border Business for its investment members.

From 1995 to 2013, he started his professional career as a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China. After GreenPro went public in 2013, CK started to take charge of the overall strategy and business direction of GreenPro Capital Group.

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Room 1701 - 03, 17/F, The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong​

( 852 ) 3111 - 7718